Introducing Canna Fused


Canna Fused was formed to promote the benefits of natural healing. Many scientific studies have now proven CBD and THC can treat numerous health ailments. We provide premium cannabis concentrates merged with Canna Hemp’s superior hemp-derived CBD for a combination product for a line of healing lotions, relief cream, lip balms and more.

Our THC is carefully extracted with sourced N-butane/N-propane to create the highest purity solvents, followed by a triple distillation process to remove any possible contaminants. After the extraction via a 2017 Precision PX1 System, the concentrate begins a minimum of five days (100 hours) purge cycle with residual profiles less than 20 PPM for a product that is superior. We believe our customers deserve the highest quality CBD and THC products, therefore we go above and beyond the state requirements. All materials are tested for pesticides before beginning the extraction process, as well as checking for residual solvents, potency, and included terpenes.

Canna Fused’s superior products are carefully, and thoughtfully, crafted to ensure each product has the perfect blend of high quality, organic botanical ingredients.

We have started our line with a wide range of high-quality CBD and THC-infused products that include body lotions, lip balms, and pain relief cream, with more products to come.


At Canna Fused, we strive to bring the best in holistic medicine By using independent labs, you’ll know exactly how much CBD, THC, and terpenes are in the products you purchase from us.